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We believe buying BNG units should be simple and transparent. We are making units available in multiple LPAs and NCAs enabling you to discharge your requirements for BNG. All of our schemes are created to the highest ecological standards to ensure that the habitats thrive.

We also work with local communities to establish lasting relationships to maximise the benefit for all. By electing to buy offsite BNG units, this can allow more flexible use of onsite greenspaces to be used for recreation and social activities, to enhance the community without having issues around access and activities like dog walking. 

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All of our schemes are secured in perpetuity using a Section 106 agreement or a Conservation Covenant. Our schemes have full management and monitoring plans so purchasing our credits means no further liability for the developer.

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Overview of BNG for developers

In the UK, Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) mandates that developers ensure their projects lead to a net increase in biodiversity. This increase is quantified through measures of habitat condition and distinctiveness. Typically, BNG is achieved by enhancing, restoring, or creating ecological habitats within or near to development sites. The Environment Act 2021 requires a minimum 10% increase in biodiversity post-development.

Implementing BNG effectively requires careful planning and ongoing monitoring to sustain biodiversity improvements over the long term. This approach not only contributes to the UK's broader environmental targets but also enhances ecological networks across the landscape, ensuring that new developments positively impact local biodiversity and ecosystem health.

The BNG Proximity Principle 

The proximity principle in BNG prioritises enhancing biodiversity as close to the impact site as possible. For developers, this means the first preference should be to implement BNG measures directly on the development site, ensuring that local habitats and ecosystems benefit directly from the improvements. If onsite BNG is not feasible, the principle then guides developers to seek offsite opportunities nearby, either within the Local Planning Authority area or the National Character Area the development is within. This approach helps maintain ecological integrity and ecosystem services within the local community, ensuring that biodiversity enhancements are relevant and beneficial to the area most affected by the development. Adhering to the proximity principle helps minimise ecological impacts and promotes sustainable development practices.

The BNG spatial multiplier 

The spatial multiplier in BNG is used to account for the distance between the impact site and the location of offsite biodiversity enhancements. For developers, this means that if BNG measures cannot be implemented onsite and must be done offsite, the further away the enhancement site is from the development, the higher the multiplier applied.
  • Inside the LPA or National Character Area (NCA) = 1
  • An adjacent LPA or NCA = 1.25
  • Any other LPA or NCA = 2
For example, if you require 1 BNG unit for your site if you were purchasing this from a scheme in the adjacent LPA, you would be required to purchase 1.25 units. We would always look to factor this in to minimise the impact on pricing. 

Simple BNG unit buying guide

Step 1: BNG calculations  
Your first step will be to calculate how many BNG units you require. This needs to be done by a registered ecologist. It is important to understand what biodiversity can be retained onsite to ensure compliance with the proximity principle. Our team can recommend suitable ecologists.  

Step 2: Identify suitable BNG units 
Greenshank is developing a national network of habitat banks for BNG. We can quickly confirm what schemes are available to you.  

Step 3: Agree terms and discharge your requirements
All of our schemes are secured using a Section 106 Agreement. You will simply need to reference our Section 106 Agreement in your development-specific Section 106 Agreement. 


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