Launching Greenshank

October 20, 2022

It gives us great pleasure to formally announce the launch of Greenshank Environmental.

Greenshank Environmental is committed to helping the development sector respond to the requirements of Nutrient Neutrality: the requirement for new development to offset the nutrient pollution it creates.

We believe:

  • that the environment does not have to be sacrificed to support economic growth
  • that stewardship of the environment is vital for long-term economic prosperity
  • that tackling nutrient pollution is essential for healthy rivers, lakes and coasts.

Nutrient Neutrality has highlighted a problem that was years in the making and is yet to be solved. We have not fully addressed the problem that excessive nutrient pollution causes to our precious aquatic ecosystems. Rivers and lakes carpeted in green algae and normally pristine beaches spoiled by tides of algae have become common sights.

In 2018, we saw a change to case law that recognises our duty as stewards of our most precious habitats. But our Government is now planning legislative change that is designed to remove the requirement for nutrient neutrality, committing new development to a path that leads to more environmental damage. We know that an alternative path exists; one using commercially viable, environmentally-friendly solutions that can be delivered faster than an Act of Parliament.

Our work has shown that each catchment across the UK has the potential to deliver the new housing that has been promised by successive governments while preventing additional nutrient pollution.

Greenshank Environmental’s goal is to help the development sector navigate the path towards nutrient-neutral development by delivering nature-based mitigation solutions nationwide. We understand which solutions work and how to operationalise them through collaboration with key stakeholders.  

The industry wants change. We know that Local Planning Authorities want to embed sustainability in local development, using nature-based solutions where possible. Water companies and landowners want to support Local Planning Authorities in deploying these solutions. Both Natural England and the Environment Agency are striving to make nutrient offsetting solutions meet the required standards. Our environmental NGOs will hold us accountable to these standards and can provide stewardship of nutrient offsetting schemes.

The development sector also sees the need to minimise its environmental impact. Despite progress on mitigation solutions, new development has been impacted by too few solutions being made available to support Nutrient Neutrality. By working with other stakeholders, the development sector can support the delivery of nutrient mitigation and help to alleviate a problem that has previously been overlooked.

The Government, somewhat belatedly, started to take action on Nutrient Neutrality but now seems to have lost their way. As an industry and through the coordinated efforts of our stakeholders, we can show the Government that development does not have to come at the expense of environmental protection.    


Kim Connor Streich

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