Trinity Farm Nature Reserve and Eastcombe Fields Nature Area are located just outside of Wellington in Somerset. Both schemes are being developed by KS Coles, a family farm focused on environmentally sound farming. Ken and Christine Coles started farming in Somerset in 1960. Paul Coles now runs operations with the third generation also employed on the farm.

In addition to securing BNG and nutrient credits, Trinity Farm will be designated a nature reserve. It's creation will complete the Wellington Green Corridor, running from Tonedale Mill to Hilly Head. In addition, it creates a ‘green wedge’, bringing nature into the heart of Wellington.

The new nature reserve is providing a new green asset accessible to the local community delivering on community and environmental goals.

How we remove phosphorus

The twin sites at Trinity Farm Nature Reserve and Eastcombe Fields Nature Area use various innovative measures to remove phosphorus. The site was the first in the UK to use our drainage ditch approach to nutrient mitigation in addition to a series of retention ponds and land use change for the BNG units. These methods allow us to generate much greater yield per hectare than other measures which allow us to price very competitively. The scheme serves the River Tone Catchment covering Wellington, Taunton and onwards downstream. The scheme is secured for the in perpetuity period using a Section 106 Agreement ensuring that developers have no further liability once they have discharged their requirements.

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Scheme Type:

Nutrient Neutrality



Towns served

  • Wellington
  • Taunton

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